Verona VRN

Also known as Verona Villafranca Airport and Valerio Catullo Airport.

Where is Verona Airport?
Verona Airport is an airport in the north of Italy, situated in the proximity of Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) and Verona. The airport is located south-west of the city of Romeo and Juliet and is easily accessible via the A4 and A22 motorways. Terminal 1 is used only for departing flights, Terminal 2 only for arriving flights. Especially in the summer it can be busy at Verona Airport, however during the winter it’s a popular airport among skiers (Trentino-Alto Adige).
How far is away from the center of town?
The distance to the centre of Verona (Arena di Verona) is short, it takes 15 minutes to cover the distance of 12 kilometers. .
How to get from Verona Airport to Verona?
Bus transportation – Aerobus (Verona)
Transport between Verona Airport and the city is well organized. Every day of the week, Aerobus (Catullo airport service, line 199) operates at 20 minutes intervals to and from the airport. In the city, you can get on and off the bus at the main railway station Verona Porta Nuova, located 1.5 kilometers south of the city centre. The last bus towards the city departs at 23:30, the first bus to Verona Airport leaves at 05:15 out of Verona. The journey time to and from Verona is 20 minutes. Tickets are available from the bus driver. The validity of a ticket is 75 minutes, you will be able to transfer to another city bus at no charge. If you’re heading to Vicenza, you can transfer to the train at train station Verona Porta Nuova. Travel time by train is 25 minutes (Frecciarossa, € 19.00 per person) to 55 minutes (Regionale, € 5.45 per person). On average every quarter there is a train service between Verona and Vicenza. Trento in Trentino and Bolzano in South Tyrol can also be reached by a direct train service from the railway station of Verona. The train ride takes 70 minutes and 100 minutes respectively.
By taxi
A taxi ride into Verona costs on average € 20. Particularly if you have lots of luggage taking a taxi is probably the best option.
Rent a car
In the Arrivals hall you can find the counters of car rental companies.
Which terminal does Albawings/Blue Panorama use?

Terminal 1 is used only for departing flights.

Departures and Arrivals:

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