Venice VCE

Also known as Venice Marco Polo Airport and Venice Tessera Airport.

Where is Venice Airport?
Venice Airport, named after the famous discoverer Marco Polo, is one of the busiest airports in Italy. For people who want to visit the City of Love, this is the ideal airport to arrive. The location is good, north of Venice and close to the city and the A27 and A57 motorways.
How far is Treviso Airport away from the center of town?
Venice was built on small islands. The only access road is the Freedom Bridge (Ponte della Libertà) which connects the city with the mainland of Italy. The drive to and from the airport takes 20 minutes; the distance is 13 kilometers.
How to get from Venice Airport to Venice?
Public transport – Bus (Venice)
There are two popular bus connections between Venice Airport and the Piazzale Roma square in Venice. Bus line 5 of Actv runs every 15 minutes, whereas the Airport Shuttle leaves every 20 to 30 minutes to and from Venice Airport. Actv is the public transport company of the city of Venice, while ATVO is responsible for public transport in the province of Venice. Apart from the frequency, there are no big differences between the two providers. Travel time with both buses is approximately 25 minutes
Boat transportation – Alilaguna water shuttle (Venice)
You can choose to travel with the orange, blue or red line of the Alilaguna water shuttle. From the terminal it’s a seven-minute walk to the airport dockyard (Darsena Docks), Alilaguna water shuttles leave from here. There are several places in Venice where you can get off the boat, the journey time varies between 40 minutes (F.te Nove) and 70 minutes (San Marco). The red line of Alilaguna is a seasonal service and doesn’t operate during the months November till March. It is wise to take some time on forehand to consider what stop is closest to your accommodation and which line stops there.
Bus transportation – Bus Italia Veneto (Padua)
It is possible to travel directly by bus from Venice Airport to Padua. Padua, also known as Padova, is one of the larger cities in Italy and like Venice located in the Veneto region. Every half an hour to an hour a bus of Bus Italia Veneto departs from Venice Airport (Tessera Aeroporto) to the central bus station in Padua (Padova Autostazione), next to the main railway station. Bus E015 runs via Piazzale Roma in Venice and some stops in Marghera to Padua. Travel time from Venice Airport to the bus and train station just north of Padua’s city centre is 1 hour and 5 minutes. The penultimate stop after about 60 minutes is the exhibition center Padova Fiera
By taxi
For an average of € 45 taxi drivers will take you from Venice Airport to Venice. If you are carrying a lot of luggage, this is a good alternative to the bus and boat. The price for a taxi from Venice Airport to the cruise terminal Venezia Terminal Passeggeri is € 50. Private water taxi are available but can be expensive.
Rent a car
Go to the car rental companies' offices on the 3rd floor ("terrace") of the multilevel parking P1.
Which terminal does Albawings use?

Venice Airport has only one terminal.

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